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How to select the right window fashions

Blackout curtains help lull you to sleep.

Blackout curtains help lull you to sleep.

Curtains and drapes serve numerous purposes inside your home. From uniting your design scheme to helping cut heating costs, window coverings are a necessity. If you're having trouble deciding which window fashions are appropriate in each room of your house, take a look at our helpful guide:

  • Bedroom: Your bedroom is on oasis to retreat to after a long day at work. To ensure that you sleep like royalty, you're going to want to look for drapes that help block out street light, early sunshine and unwanted noise. Your best bet is black-out curtains, which are made from thicker fabrics. Aside from being durable, these window coverings help lull you to sleep by blocking out unwanted annoyances.
  • Dining room: "Curtains can bring softness to a space dominated by large pieces of furniture–like a dining room–which can often feel hard," writes a blogger for home design website Wayfair.com. "Choose a hue or pattern that aligns with your existing color palette. If you have an open floor plan consider other decorative accents and furniture in the space when choosing your curtains."
  • Living room: Let light into your living room through the use of sheer draperies. These drapes will help make your living room an inviting spot to chat with friends or simply sit back and relax with a cup of coffee.

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