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Help regulate your baby’s sleep schedule with velvet blackout drapes in the nursery

Imagine these soft drapes in your baby girl's nursery.

Imagine these soft drapes in your baby girl's nursery.

Setting up a nursery is an important step in preparing for the arrival of a child, and one that many expectant parents do instinctively. Of course, setting up a clean, beautiful spot for the infant that will be born soon isn't just about painting the walls and picking out toys.

The space ideally should be comfortable enough for both the parent and child, since someone will have to get up for feedings and such in the middle of the night, but it also must be safe for an infant who doesn't yet have a lot of the skills needed to keep itself safe. Most of the time, this means getting rid of low hanging cords, choking hazards and opportunities to fall. 

You may want to fill the room with child-safe toys and trinkets that will fascinate your little one and help to stimulate his or her mind as well. Though, as most new parents find out almost instantly, the biggest challenges of life with a newborn come at bedtime. It's important to stick to a sleeping and napping schedule so that their baby can quickly learn to sleep through the night and develop good habits as far as this is concerned. 

But putting a baby down for a nap during the day can be difficult, especially if there is too much natural light in the room. Rather than allow this to keep your bundle of joy awake, help them to sleep by outfitting the room with velvet blackout drapes. These are available in a huge selection of colors, and you can choose them to add to the decor and convenience of the nursery.