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Get festive with a chic “haunted” house

Black curtains will create the perfect Halloween ambiance.

Black curtains will create the perfect Halloween ambiance.

Although it’s a night filled with candy, playing dress up and carving pumpkins, Halloween isn’t just for kids. Adults across the country are throwing grown up Halloween gatherings equipped with fun and festivities. You can achieve the perfect Halloween ambiance with a set of black curtains. Check out some below tips on how to achieve a mature “haunted” house to impress all of your guests.

  • Choose dark colors: “Stay away from anything cute,” interior designer Brian Patrick Flynn told the Associated Press, “and instead opt for creepy-chic.” Orange may be a hot color, but use this shade sparingly if you really want to create spooky décor. Expert interior designers suggest sticking to darker shades, like deep gray, black and brown when decorating for fall. For instance, instead of dragging your clichéd pumpkin table cloth up from the basement, try creating a DIY covering for your dining room table. Are you going for a scarecrow theme? Try using burlap. If you want an even scarier vibe, use cheesecloth to mimic the garb of an ancient mummy.
  • Set the spooky mood: Tiffany Brooks, winner of HGTV’s Design Star, told the news source that during her Halloween gathering she will make use of black pillar candles to achieve a spooky, flickering vibe within her home.  If you truly want to get into the Halloween spirit, candle light is the way to go. Shut off all the lights in your home and opt for Half Price Drapesblackout drapes that will block out any unwanted lighting from outside. Then, add numerous candles around your home for a festive ambiance.