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Emerging trends: Gingham

Pink plaid like this follows the trend in an individual way.

Pink plaid like this follows the trend in an individual way.

When it comes to interior design – like with clothes – some people prefer to follow trends, while others stick to a few proven classic styles that seem to always be in fashion. But in order to accurately express your good taste in the home, most experts agree that those who have the best decorated houses do a little of both. 

This means keeping your eyes open every time you go shopping, eat in a restaurant or even visit a friend's house in the neighborhood. And it's just as important to follow home decor blogs that often dictate the style that numerous homeowners subscribe to these days. Mixing the newest and latest trends in with your existing furniture and personal items will give your house a classed-up and lived-in feeling that makes others want to spend more time there. 

Right now, classic checkers and plaid patterns have been making their way around the decor blogs. Once a staple in the flannel shirts preferred by the hipster crowd, it seems that plaid is getting cool again, but this time its inside the home. 

Whether you choose to use this attractive pattern in throw pillows, blankets or in a more assertive way, it's sure to inject a shot of life into the style of your house. If you want to make a really bold statement with classic checks, why not incorporate the pattern into blackout drapes in your house?

Such a design is a great way to take notice of popular styles, as well as bring your own individuality to life within the house. And since you can choose the colors involved in the plaid pattern that you pick, even when this pattern gets very big, yours will still appear unique.