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Complete your home design by adding area rugs and blackout drapes

Blackout drapes add to your decor and your home.

Blackout drapes add to your decor and your home.

When you're on a tight budget, decorating your house becomes more about necessities than desires. For many of us, it's a pipe dream to be able to waltz into a home decor shop and simply pick out furniture, appliances and corresponding accessories like rugs and window treatments. Instead, most of the time, decorating is about assembling well-priced items and arranging them in such a way that doesn't make your home look terrible. 

However, if you've been living in one of these almost-decorated spaces for a while, perhaps it's time to make the change yourself and finally finish your decor. Once you've made the big purchases, making your home feel finished can be done at a comparatively low price. Adding an area rug, artwork or a couple of throw pillows is a great way to round out the appearance of your interior. 

Those who really want to make their homes stand out should also take care to think about their drapes. Particularly in small spaces, adding window treatments that have been installed properly is a great way to increase the value of your interior. As a bonus, if you find velvet blackout drapes, you can actually increase your comfort while at home. 

These are particularly useful in the bedroom, where it is often very nice to have the option to block out light. Velvet blackout drapes can also help to regulate the temperature of your interior year-round, helping to save on utilities. If you've been living in a nearly-complete space for a while now, do yourself a favor and finish it. You're bound to love the results.