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Choose your drapes wisely to ensure that your guests get a good night’s sleep

A good guest room has plenty of your own personality, but leaves room for your visitor's individual possessions.

If you have ever experienced what it’s like to be a guest in another person’s house, you know how much the details matter. It can be a minute difference that turns your pleasant stay into an unbearable one, or vice-versa. But you don’t have to be Martha Stewart in order to ensure that anyone who comes to your home has a comfortable stay, but rather, make sure that their room has all of the essentials. 

When you’re setting up a guest bedroom, it can be helpful to spend a night sleeping there as well. While many hosts ensure that each individual room in their house is stocked with all of the essentials that a guest might need, it can be easy to forget one or two things, because this is a space that you’ve never actually lived in. Moreover, by sleeping in the guest room, you will be able to determine how comfortable your furniture arrangement is, and whether it needs to be changed. 

One thing that you will definitely want to include in your guest room is the proper window treatments. You will want to provide your visitors with the opportunity to close the drapes for privacy, but also to block out light. In order to maximize the utility and aesthetic value of your window treatments, try layering sheer drapes with velvet blackout drapes so that every guest can customize the lighting while they sleep. 

Once you have your curtains and drapes figured out, getting the rest of the room set up will be easy, and you’ll be glad to know that the place is at the ready at a moment’s notice. That way, you can add a simple touch, like fresh cut flowers, just before your loved ones arrive, and know that the rest of the room is in perfect shape.