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Blackout drapes help to keep a dorm room comfortable

Drapes like these help to keep your dorm room comfortable and look stylish too!

Drapes like these help to keep your dorm room comfortable and look stylish too!

Whether you're preparing to start your freshman year or planning on going back to school this fall, you probably have some idea of how uncomfortable a college dorm room can be. While this is a wonderful place for meeting people and making friends, the combination of a heating and cooling system you can't control with linoleum floors and hard cinder block walls can make for a less than ideal living situation. Luckily, it's never been easier to personalize your dorm room and make it entirely your own. 

You can now pick out incredibly beautiful bedding to express yourself on this part of the room and bring photos of friends and other mementos of home to decorate the walls. If you choose to get a duvet cover, you can fill it with an extra warm down comforter which will help to keep you warm even when the dormitory drops below a comfortable temperature. 

Blackout drapes are also a great way to regulate the temperature in your residence halls. During the first few weeks of the year, it tends to be very hot, and keeping these closed during the day can make a real difference in terms of lowering the air temperature when you get in from class. But come wintertime, the opposite problem is usually true. You may find that your old windows are drafty, and your velvet blackout drapes don't just show off your personal sense of style, they also help to keep out the cold. 

Living in a college dorm is a combination of decorating on a budget and problem solving. Express yourself and stay comfortable with accessories such as velvet blackout drapes.