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Accentuate interesting windows by leaving them bare

Framing the windows with lovely drapes is a great way to differentiate windows and doors.

Framing the windows with lovely drapes is a great way to differentiate windows and doors.

If you live in an older residence – particularly an apartment building that was constructed long ago - you may be lucky enough to have the original windows and doorways in the place. While these might cause your space to be a little drafty from time to time, and probably have a few too many coats of paint, it's undeniable that these openings are beautiful. 

There's just something about older finishings like these - they just don't seem to make them like they used to. Many apartments from the pre-war era make use of space differently than others. For symmetry, windows might flank a doorway to a balcony on either side, with all of them being the same width across. 

If you encounter a set of windows and a doorway similar to this, you may have trouble deciding what to do with them. There are a number of creative things you can do with drapes, and if you find a really beautiful set, you might be tempted to put them on the windows and doors equally. 

Rather, you might have better luck by highlighting the doorway in the center by leaving it bare. That way, you can find a more substantial window treatment – perhaps even something thermal, like a velvet blackout drape – and put it on the windows. Rather than treating each pane of glass like its the same, allowing a doorway to stand out will make the entire room look more interesting. 

Living in an older building can present a number of opportunities, but because of the uniqueness of the space, it also gives you endless opportunities to decorate your own way. Enjoy finding creative solutions, like leaving section of windows unadorned, so that it makes more of an impact.