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Use black curtains to divide rooms in your studio apartment

Black out drapes can be used in your studio apartment to create make-shift walls.

Black out drapes can be used in your studio apartment to create make-shift walls.

In today's economy city living can get pricey, especially in areas with high rent fees. One option you can choose is downsizing to a studio apartment, which has many benefits including:

Decluttering- A smaller space will motivate you to get rid of belongings you no longer use and make your life more organized.

Cleaning- You will spend less time with housekeeping when their are fewer surfaces to clean.

Intimate gatherings- When you reduce the size of your dining and living areas you can get comfy and cozy with your close friends.

Entertaining in a studio may not seem like an ideal situation, especially for those who value their privacy. However, there are simple ways to separate public and personal space in your studio if you are willing to get creative.

One answer to your space problem is using curtains and drapes. Fit a curtain rod across your apartment to hang drapes on in order to conceal your personal items inside a makeshift bedroom. This way you can create barriers for social and private areas without taking up too much room in your limited space. 

Depending on the shape of your apartment, or your craftsmanship, you can use two curtain rods to make a smaller sanctioned bedroom while maximizing your "living room."

Another possibility, is to create a day bed with big throw pillows to act as cushions for your guests to sit on. You can then hang drapes across your dresser or closet area so that your apartment doesn't look like a college dorm. 

When you are picking out your styles and fabrics consider velvet black out drapes, this way when you sleep you can limit light and sound that may be disturbing. Also, heavier material is ideal for wall-like structures because it won't blow around as much when drafts come in.