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Three ways to use drapes at your outdoor wedding

Exchange your vows under an alter adorned with drapes and curtains.

Exchange your vows under an alter adorned with drapes and curtains.

Weddings are a joyous time for celebrating new beginnings. However, choosing a venue can be a stressful procedure for any anxious couple who are planning their dream wedding. Finding an area that not only accommodates your guest list and date choice but that is also physically appealing can get expensive. 

One way to save money and still create an unforgettable night is to utilize the beauty of nature with a whimsical backyard ceremony. Not only will you save money from venue fees but you can also save on decorations. 

During an outdoor wedding you will only need simple decorations that can complement your surrounding environment. Sheer drapes are versatile ornaments that can give your ceremony a fairy tale effect. 

Three tips for using sheer drapes and curtains to decorate your outdoor wedding venue include:

  • Cloak your alter in sheer fabric to create a billowing canopy for you to exchange your vows under. Keep the nature theme dominant by using a branch archway to hang your material on. 
  • Hang curtains around a wall-less tent for your reception. They will enclose the area while still keeping it light and airy. 
  • Make cabana styled tables so you can provide cover for your guests while giving them more space to mingle, dance and take photos. These can be tied back on the sides with white ribbon so that everyone can see each other while they eat. 

Curtains are not only an affordable decoration but they can be functional as well by keeping bugs, wind and rain off everyone attending. Along with sheers, silk drapes can also be an elegant contribution to your outdoor decor. If you don't want to use all white consider some other nature inspired colors like light blue, green or sand.