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Three tips for getting your home ready for fall

A dark color curtain is perfect for fall and winter.

A dark color curtain is perfect for fall and winter.

Fall has officially arrived. Although it may be difficult to say goodbye to those sunny summer days, getting your home ready for the colder weather will be beneficial in the long run. Houzz.com has listed several ways to make sure your home is intact for the season. Use the "October Checklist" to ensure your fall runs smoothly.

1. Rain gutters: Let's face it, it's easy to neglect some areas of your home. Many homeowners overlook their rain gutters, but ridding your gutters of leaves and debris is crucial for the wellness of your home. Once most of the leaves have fallen, make sure to clean your gutters so water can flow freely. If you live in a one-story home, you can accomplish this chore by yourself. However, if your house is taller, it's best if you call in a professional.
2. Roof: You're going to want to get your roof into top-notch shape before the winter approaches. Be sure to repair any damages on siding our shingles before big rain or snow storms.
3. Storm Windows: Replace storm windows before the weather gets too cold. These features will help you save heat and energy, protecting your home from the cold winter chill. Likewise, you will also want to consider adding curtains and drapes to your windows. Aside from being stylish, these fashions can also help keep heat in during the colder months. Try selecting a darker shade to coincide with the season.

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