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Increase the natural lighting in your study room to boost productivity

Hanging sheer drapes in your study can increase the amount of natural light to boost your attentiveness, energy and mood.

Studies have shown that doing work in rooms with natural lighting can increase your productivity. Also, students who learn and study in classrooms with more sunlight get better standardized test scores. 

Too much artificial light can disrupt your sleep cycle because it lacks melatonin, a property of sunlight that tells your body when it is time for bed. When you feel tired during the day from lack of sleep it could be a result of sitting under florescent bulbs all the time. Additionally, man made light sources contribute to stress levels and reduce energy. 

On the other hand, properties that we absorb from sunlight make people more attentive, energized and improves moods so that work is less of a burden. 

If you frequently work from home or your children are approaching the age that they have to begin testing for college, it would be a good idea to redecorate the study areas of your house. Rearranging furniture and switching window treatments is all you have to do in order to optimize the natural lighting to illuminate your workspace. 

First, make sure there are no big furniture pieces, like book cases, that are blocking windows or creating large shadows. Next, you should move your desk so that you are facing the window this will prevent computer screen glare and brighten the space directly in front of you. 

Then, to finish-up your adjustments, get rid of heavy dark colored curtains and drapes. Instead consider blinds that can be adjusted to control sunlight at different times of the day.  If you want to keep some style on the windows in your study decorate them with sheer drapes that do not block rays from coming in.