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Get the most out of your curtains with proper care

Routine curtain care can protect your drapes from sunlight, dirt and dust.

Routine curtain care can protect your drapes from sunlight, dirt and dust.

After spending time and resources picking out the perfect curtains and drapes for your home you will want them to maintain their look for the long haul. Indoor and outdoor elements that accumulate in your house can take away from the visual appeal of your window decor. 

Some substances that can contribute to the wear and tear of your drapes include dirt, dust and sunlight. These are especially troublesome during warm months when your windows are open more often. 

Sunlight can fade the color of your curtains with dark hues. During the summer, when the days get longer, fading can be prevented by switching to light colors and sheer fabrics that reflect sun rays. Another way to preserve your darker colored curtains and drapes, is to install blinds that will filter the sunlight coming through your windows. 

Dirt and dust must be maintained daily in order to avoid too much build-up, which can be difficult to clean, especially on delicate fabrics. However, routine drapery cleaning isn't as tedious as it seems if you follow these simple tips:

  • Clean both sides, to ensure your efforts are effective
  • Gently shake your curtains every night to get the dust that accumulated during the day off of your curtains
  • Once a month vacuum your drapes with a soft brush after making sure all embellishments are secure
  • Start from the top and work your way down when cleaning so gravity can help hasten the process.

Curtains and drapes are important pieces in your decorating scheme. When they get faded or shabby it can take away from the look of the entire room. Maintaining their cleanliness can keep them looking new and enable you to use them for a longer period of time.