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Display your personality through drape choices

Use your drapery choice to display your personality within the home.

Use your drapery choice to display your personality within the home.

Ancient Roman's were very sociable people who would flaunt their personal worth by welcoming visitors into their homes and hosting extravagant parties. The layout of Roman houses not only reflected their social status, but they also gave insight into the personalities of the inhabitants. This concept has become reinvented in modern society through the trend of design psychology. 

Although people today are, arguably, not as arrogant as the Romans were, home presentation is still important for leaving an impression of yourself on visitors that you welcome into your living space. Sally Augustin P.h.D, stated in a blog post about design psychology, on Psychology Today, "We're always reading houses and offices to understand what's important to their owners… [that's]one of the reasons we fret so much about decorating our home."

One form of decoration that the Romans used to demonstrate their trendiness was through paintings. Most often, they would create an illusion on a section of their wall displaying a breathtaking and optimal view, as if a window were there. Although their houses were not lacking windows, Roman's were idealists, so if they didn't have an appealing scene outside they created one. 

In modern day and age people have slightly different techniques to covering up an ugly street scene. By using drapes you can either cover-up or downplay the view outside a window. Drapes are versatile and come in many assortments, which enable homeowners to portray their personalities through their style choices.  

Next time you are entertaining guests remember to think like the Romans and use design psychology to ensure you are giving your guests a lasting impression of you and your home.