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Decorating tips that can make your vacation home relaxing

Sheer curtains are simple and let in sunlight, to make your vacation home more relaxing.

Now that July has arrived many people are starting to prepare for their long awaited vacation from work to their waterside destination home. Whether you prefer lakes, the ocean or rivers, most would agree that getting closer to nature is the best way to unwind after a long year in the office. 

If you own or rent a summer getaway, you will want to get the most out of the time spent relaxing there. It would be wonderful to own a state-of-the-art second house with spa like amenities to make it feel like a resort, but realistically most people can not put that much money into those kinds of renovations. However, you can create an affordable personal paradise by following a few simple tricks. 

Simplify. Busy patterns and small cluttered knick-knacks are too much for your tired eyes to process when you just want to sit on your couch with a good book. Instead, decorate with solid colors and functional ornaments to make the room more spacious. 

Optimize natural light. If you have heavy curtains, switch to sheer white drapes to let in the sunlight or a warm evening breeze. After spending eight hours a day with your eyes glued to a computer screen you don't want to strain them any more by squinting in a dim room, especially since daylight is extended in the summer. 

Diversify your curtain use.  Sheers are not only a great way to let in the light, but they also can be used in your bedroom for an elegant canopy over your bed, outside on the porch to create privacy, or to make a DIY cabana by the beach for some shade. 

Next time you are redecorating your vacation home simplify by utilizing versatile and functional interior decor, like curtains and drapes, to make all aspects of your holiday soothing.