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Decorate your dorm room with curtains and drapes

Use blackout drapes to make a canopy over your bed so you don't miss out on sleep at college.

Use blackout drapes to make a canopy over your bed so you don't miss out on sleep at college.

As the summer is winding down, college-bound young adults are attending some last-minute graduation parties and starting to get excitedly nervous about the next stage in their life. Like all transitional eras, going away to school sparks many new anxieties even in the most fearless people. Leaving the comforts of home for the first time is a challenging step, but these nerves are manageable.

Older students offering advice to newcomers usually say the best way to cope with homesickness is to immerse themselves into the university's social scene by joining clubs, attending sporting events or getting involved with Greek life, all of which are excellent strategies for keeping busy in order to forget how much you miss mom's home-cooked meals and laundry services. 

However, if you want to go the extra mile to make your foreign and cramped dorm room feel like home, consider changing up your decorating plan. One affordable technique that will add flair to your new home is to use curtains and drapes. Here are some creative ways to decorate with stylish drapery:

As closet doors- Student closets don't usually have doors, which can make your hangout space feel more cluttered. Installing drapes that match your bedding is a functional way to create a chic makeshift door.

Bed canopy- If you are worried about having conflicting schedules with your roommate, hang blackout drapes around your bed. This will work as a secluded napping area or to keep out early morning sunlight while your roommate is getting ready for an 8 a.m. class. 

On the wall- Instead of being enclosed by cinder blocks painted white, hang patterned curtains on one or more of the walls. Since dorms are so plain, you can use almost any design then add complementing features to the remainder of the room for a unified interior.