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Curtains are an affordable tool for seasonal redecorating

Summery drapes will brighten a room as your home decor transitions with the seasons.

Summery drapes will brighten a room as your home decor transitions with the seasons.

Room configurations are constantly changing as seasons transition and trends evolve. However it is difficult to keep your house up to date with the latest interior design fads due to the high costs and time consumption of redecorating. 

Better Homes and Gardens offers a variety of ideas to keep your rooms in tune with the time of year including: rotating art pieces, rearranging furniture, utilizing plants, and changing  fabrics. Once you purchase a few basic materials they can be reused each season, and you can add to your collections at a reduced cost.

Now that it is summer people will want to keep their homes light and refreshing to help them relax as the temperatures rise. Using fresh flowers on bare table tops will give your homes aromatic scents to mask heavy air on muggy days, as well as brightening up a dark room to create that summery feel.

Seasonal decorating is not always as simple as adding small ornaments to your more permanent  furnishings. If you rely on darker tones for furniture or walls you will want to make some adjustments in the summer months to lighten your home.

One simple way to adapt a room to the season without stripping your walls and discarding furniture, is to take advantage of fabrics. Throws and drapes are perfect for recreating themes; for example, you could give a room with primarily brown colors a summery twist by hanging nautical blue curtains. 

Curtains are especially useful because they are affordable and easy to store, so you can buy a set for each season. You can get really creative by purchasing custom curtains, which will smoothly assimilate into existing layouts within your home.