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Creating a midsummer’s night dream scene in a limited space

Sheer curtains are helpful for decorating in small outdoor spaces.

Sheer curtains are helpful for decorating in small outdoor spaces.

Now that summer has arrived people are taking advantage of their lawn space for cookouts, relaxing, and other outdoor activities. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have a spacious outdoor area. For those of you who have a small lawn or porch, there is no need to be envious of your neighbors with never-ending back yards. All you need is a simple and affordable DIY project to create your own slice of paradise. 

Simplifying outdoor furniture can optimize space to reduce clutter and increase comfort in small areas. With a limited venue, less is always more, but this does not mean that you have to settle for boring. Some creativity and guidance is all that is necessary to improve your cluttered conditions. 

There are a variety of  tricks that will enable you  to create an appealing outdoor sanctuary. Surrounding the perimeters of your porch with sheer drapes is one way to create a dreamy summer scene for you to enjoy an after work drink, or set the scene for a romantic dinner. These can be complimented with hanging plants and string lights for a simple yet elegant ambiance. 

Outdoor curtain use has functional as well as decorative purposes, which include concealing unattractive views and protecting your privacy from intrusive neighbors. Designer Brian Patrick Flynn was quoted in an article from Reporter News discussing the versatility of curtain use. 

"Outdoor draperies are, hands-down, the easiest way to soften an otherwise all-concrete and stucco space, while also being able to control how much or how little neighbors can see." 

Sheer curtains would offer enough privacy without detracting from a warm summer breeze or blocking some lingering sunrays from illuminating your evening outdoors. Curtains can be found in a multitude of styles and colors which make them an easy and affordable addition to add to the decor that you already own.