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Complete darkness will help your infant sleep through the night

Stylish blackout drapes will ensure a full nights rest for infants

Stylish blackout drapes will ensure a full nights rest for infants

Getting your newborn to stay asleep is one of the biggest predicaments for overworked and exhausted parents. During the day, a thorough nap for an infant means more time for mom to get her work done or relax  without distractions. Also, if your baby can stay asleep throughout the night then whoever is on duty will also get a restful slumber. 

But how do you get your energetic bundle of joy to remain undisturbed in their crib?

Kaitlin Stanford of the Cheyenne,WY- Scottsbluff, NE CBS Channel 5 News' parenting blog in association with The Bump, suggested to,"Forget the nightlights — babies aren't likely to fear the dark until at least 18 months. In fact, cut out all the extra light you can." 

Although night-lights are useful to help keep your child feeling safe during the night and are helpful for parents to find their way around when checking on their children, it would be better to keep them out of an infant's room. Complete darkness will eliminate distractions and get babies accustomed to a healthy sleep schedule. 

During naptime it can be a bit more tricky to create an ideal sleeping environment. One way to keep sunlight out of your nursery is by hanging up black out curtains, to create a cave-like room which is perfect for a comfortable rest. 

Blackout curtains don't  have to be dismal, in fact they come in an assortment of colors and styles that can be matched perfectly to the decorating scheme in your child's room. Decorative drapes that serve a functional purpose are a must have for new parents with restless children to ensure that everybody in the house gets their required amount of sleep for the night.