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Using Thai silk to make window treatments more elegant

Thai silk is a trusted and durable material for window treatments.

The use of silk window treatments has been a tradition across cultures for centuries, always evoking a sense of status and taste. From the grand palaces of the ancient Far East to the ballrooms of Renaissance Italy, this fabric, adorned with different color schemes and designs, has earned a reputation the world over for being a first-rate option for dressing your windows.

Different techniques have been employed to produce silks in various parts of the world that give them a signature look. Known for their durability, Thai silks are some of the oldest kinds produced, and due in part to the experience of the manufacturers, they are instantly distinguishable from other fabrics.

Considered by many to be of the finest quality silks in production, Thai silks have the signature shimmer these fabrics are known for, but are also more coarse to the touch than silk produced in other parts of the world. Because of this distinct texture, Thai silk feels warmer than other designs and is usually heavier than Italian or Chinese silks.

Thai silk curtains aren't translucent like Italian cotton silks and are therefore very effective at preventing light from entering a room.

Because of their weight and gloss, these kinds of window treatments fit well in more elegant settings. They are appropriate for rooms that aim to capture a sense of formality or class, especially when the curtains take on a darker hue like a warm red or brown.

Whether employed in a drape or in a valance, Thai silk provides a timeless look. Once considered as valuable as gold in centuries past, silk is still a valued product that is aesthetically pleasing in ways no other fabric can be.