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Using Cotenza drapes to enhance your entryway

The interior entryway of a hosue can benefit from vibrant, light cotenza curtains.

The interior entryway of a hosue can benefit from vibrant, light cotenza curtains.

Cotenza curtains provide a soft look reminiscent of the finest cottons and have the ability to steal the show in whatever room they are used in without overwhelming the overall aesthetic.

Because this material is not overly flashy and doesn't have a distracting sheen, you can be ambitious in choosing a color for these window treatments that will make a statement without being too dramatic.

The light, flowing fabric looks beautiful on drapes and is appropriate in any season. They are heavier than a sheer but not as overpowering as a blackout drape, making it both sufficiently airy for spring yet still insular enough for the fall.

As well, these versatile drapes are a good fit in almost any room of the house. One location that would be perfect for this choice of curtain is in a houses entryway, hung over full length windows that bookend a home's front door.

This fabric is particularly versatile for curtains, because its light appearance will welcome guests coming into a house, but its durability allows it to withstand high  winds and potential inclement weather that they may get exposed to near a high traffic doorway.

Because this fabric is relatively affordable, you can also replace these curtains throughout the year to cater to the color scheme of your choosing without compromising your budget. These curtains have the potential to dictate the entire direction of your entryways design scheme, so by simply switching the hues of your drapes depending on the season, the entire feel of the space is changed.

Cotenza curtains are an affordable and simple option that give interior designers a lot to work with.