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Use cotton drapes to bring color and light into your home

Patterned drapes catch the sun beautifully.

Patterned drapes catch the sun beautifully.

For some people, nothing seems prettier than the combination of color and light in an interior. Stained glass pieces an be very beautiful, but they are often small, expensive and easily broken. Still, a lot of us seek to replicate this beauty in our homes. One easy way to do this is with a set of patterned cotton drapes. These can be found in a number of beautiful designs, all of which will go nicely in a window. 

Rather than installing them outside of your window to frame it, if you want to take advantage of the light filtration that your drapes will provide, stretch them out over the window. In some cases, you will need just one panel per window in order to achieve this style.

Not only will this bring an excellent bohemian flare into your home, but this style is also wonderful for those who are looking for a permanent way to block a bedroom or bathroom window while still letting the light in. In order to keep your home from looking like the inside of a cathedral, however, it's a good idea to limit this technique to one or two windows in your house. 

This is a great way to cover an inconvenient or broken window and add a beautiful amount of color into your home. Simply pick a patterned drape that you like, and hang it over your window. Consider weighting the bottom of the panel so that it will stay in place even if there is a gust of wind.