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Top design trends for 2014

Use silk curtains in 2014 to stay on trend.

Use silk curtains in 2014 to stay on trend.

If you've been thinking about your New Year's resolutions, you might want to add decorating to the list. Since there's less than a month until the ball drops, start planning your home design goals by taking a look at some trends predicted to be popular in the home sector:

  • Bold colors: It's time to say goodbye to bland, with the revival of bright and bold hues. As we've mentioned before, dazzling blue is color authority Pantone's top shade for the new year. If you want to make use of this bright trend in your own home, try vibrant colored paint on your walls, or add bright patterned curtains and drapes to the mix.You can even complement this scheme with colorful throw pillows. 
  • Luxurious fabrics: "Enough with the plain, this season turn to elegant and graceful fabrics," reports BeautifulHomesDesigns.com. "Standard fabrics will be replaced with lavish fabrics such as velvet and silk." This is great news if you favor elegant drapes. Try swapping your cotton curtains for fancier drapes in velvet or silk, which are particularly appropriate in the dining room or living room.
  • Vintage: 2014 will mark a return to classic antiques. Shop at your local thrift store for vintage furniture pieces in order to stay on trend. You may even want to add family heirlooms to your home design scheme for a one-of-a-kind look.

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