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The dos and don’ts of cleaning your curtains

Here are a few tips for cleaning your curtains.

When it comes to cleaning the drapes in your home, it is important that you follow the instructions that came with them when they were first purchased. If you do not heed the information, then there is a chance that you could end up damaging the window coverings in the process. The purpose of drapes is to add to the aesthetic appeal of the room, as well as provide you with privacy from the outside world and protection from too much direct sunlight. Because they do so much work, it is important for you to keep your curtains in the best possible shape.

Here are a few dos and don'ts of cleaning your curtains:

  • Do brush them often: Like other areas of your house, drapes can accumulate dust at a very fast rate. That is why it is important for you to brush or vacuum them frequently to prevent dust or other microscopic particles from building up on the fabric. Don't be afraid to give them a strong shake in order to clear out what you might miss.
  • Don't wash them: Unless you have read the instructions and the type of curtains you own are approved for machine washing, avoid putting them in the machine. Because you should wash your drapes at least twice a year, the safe bet is to bring them to a dry cleaner for a professional wash. Do not risk causing damage to the fabric.

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