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The benefits of using dupioni silk roman shades

Roman shades can be stylish and functional.

Silk is one of the more diverse fabrics available for window treatments because of the wide array of textures and colors that the material comes in.

Using dupioni silk as the material for roman shades will elevate the glamour of a window treatment that is traditionally all about function. The folds in the shade will look cleaner because of the added weight of the material, which will also contribute to efficiency in blocking natural light.

Dupioni style silk is a textured variety of the fabric produced through the collaboration of two different silkworms. Sometimes, two neighboring worms will get too close when spinning their cocoons and tangle the fibers. This creates a coarser base material for weavers than the fibers produced by a singular worm, which tend to be smoother and lighter.

Although dupioni has less sheen than other kinds of silk, it is in no way lacking its own luxurious appeal. Using this fabric in a window treatment creates a look that is less showy than that of traditional silk, but that is still distinctive in its quality.

Shades such as these may work well in a bedroom, specifically one where guests will be staying, as they contribute to a stately aesthetic, but don't overwhelm a space that is designed for relaxation.

Dupioni silk is also extremely easy to dye, making it available in a wide array of tones. Because of the diversity of hues in which it can be found, the fabric is a good tool to use when brightening or darkening any room's color scheme. Like other silks, this fabric reflects light making any color choice richer.