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Make your home feel like a farmhouse with patterned drapery

Use the colors of the country in your drapery.

Use the colors of the country in your drapery.

Nothing will make your home feel like a refined country estate quite like patterned drapery. These window treatments can make any house seem instantly warmer and more inviting since they have long been associated with farmhouses.

In order to properly employ this look in your own home, make sure that you have selected the appropriate color palette. You should do your best to pick something that is warm and sunny, like a red or gold, since these are the hues most closely associated with a slow country lifestyle.

This look works best when it is a combination of valances and drapes, since this will help to make the entire window appear dressed in the warm color and fabric that you have selected. Be careful not to mix patterns, however, since that is unlikely to go well.

Keep in mind that these patterned curtains feel most appropriate on large windows, since it may compete with the limited light that is offered by a smaller window, which would cause the entire house to suffer in a much darker environment than necessary. If you have a combination of large and small windows in your house, a simple valance will suffice for the smaller ones.

Make sure that the remainder of the decor in your space falls in line with the country style of the window treatments you have decided on. You wouldn't want your warm, laid back curtains and valances to have to compete with a sleek or ultramodern style of furniture throughout the rest of the house. Instead, keep to the same color palette and textile weight.

When done correctly, you can make even the coldest or most urban of homes feel like a wonderfully warm, relaxed country house through the decor that you choose.