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Maintaining privacy in a minimalist style home

You can find the right window treatments to fit a minimalist style.

You can find the right window treatments to fit a minimalist style.

If you subscribe to the minimalist look, popular in Scandinavia and in American midcentury design, you probably don't find much use for window treatments. While these accessories can really add something to the look of a room, minimalist design puts more of a focus on the nature outside of the window than anything that might obscure it.

But depending on where you live, completely bare windows are probably quite impractical. After all, your window treatments aren't just about form, they also have the function of obscuring the inside of your house and providing you with the privacy you require while at home.

Luckily, there are some great minimalist drapes that will appropriately conceal your house from the outside world while maintaining the style that you desire.

In order to maintain your aesthetic while adding window treatments, make sure that they're the right color. It's best to stick to a neutral shade in either black or white, since these will likely fit in with the style of the rest of the room.

Similarly, this is not the time to be putting out your finest silk drapes. Instead, stick for a simple, natural fabric like cotton or linen. Though thinner than other varieties, your linen drapes will add natural beauty to the room without overshadowing the aesthetic that you have worked hard to create.

If you're still not sure about the idea of drapes, you can always go with a Roman shade. These are great because they roll down in an architectural manner and look simple and clean on the window.

No matter what your chosen look is, there is a way to find the right window treatments to suit it. Simple drapes look great with your minimalist style, and can be functional as well.