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Last minute Thanksgiving hosting tips

Introduce fall-hued curtains in your dining room this Thanksgiving.

Introduce fall-hued curtains in your dining room this Thanksgiving.

We've already wrote about holiday hosting tips a couple of weeks ago, but if you're like most of us, you've probably left your Thanksgiving home improvements to the last minute. No need to worry! Even though the holiday is less than ten days away, you can still make some simple updates to your home that will certainly impress your guests.

  • Lighting: "Lighting is important. Always use a chandelier, and this is one of those opportunities to take a risk. It's really fun to dazzle guests with a chandelier. I also love sconces because they bring light to eye level, and are almost like the jewelry of a room," pro interior designer Tricia Huntley tells the Washington Post. "And never forget the candles. Try tall, elegant tapers and votives." 
  • Table cloth: Your table cloth is an essential component of your Thanksgiving meal. Before next week's holiday, ensure that your table cloth from previous years is clean and stain-free. If you don't have a table cloth already, you can visit a fabric store and experiment with a variety of drapery on your table. Play around with a myriad of patterns and deep, fall colors. You can even match your table fashions to your home's curtains and drapes for an elegant vibe.

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