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How to use Pantone’s “Color of the Year” in your home

Purple drapes are right on trend.

Purple drapes are right on trend.

The majestic purple hue known as "Radiant Orchid" is predicted to take the interior design and fashion world by storm in 2014. The shade was recently named "Color of the Year" by industry authority Pantone. The purple color follows the vibrancy of Emerald Green, which was named the top color of 2013. Ultimately, designers are looking to bring more tranquility to the home sector, evidenced by their choice of Radiant Orchid, which symbolizes health, love and harmony.

"It's very relevant for spring, but I think even going into next fall it can be very pretty," Colleen Sherin, senior fashion director of Saks Fifth Avenue, tells the Associated Press. "In ready-to-wear, it mixes with other tones like chocolate browns, and burgundy or Bordeaux makes for a deeper, richer tonal story."

Radiant Orchid is particularly relevant in the home sector, allowing you to showcase your own personality through home accessories. The great thing about this hue is that it can be used as an accent color and will likely coincide nicely with the design scheme you already have. For instance, if you have a deep brown couch, a shade of fuchsia can bring out its warmth.

Additionally, the shade is extremely versatile and can be used throughout all four seasons and in various rooms of your home. For fall and winter, try to choose deeper variations. In the spring in summer you can lighten up the tone an even bring in fresh orchids to the mix!

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