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East meets West in an Asian-inspired dining room

Change the look of your dining room to Asian inspiration.

Change the look of your dining room to Asian inspiration.

Nowhere is simplistic design conveyed with luxurious elegance better than in Asia. The mixture of a clutter-free environment and particularly fine furnishings makes for a beautiful way to dress any room. Stateside, many people have decided to go with a little bit of Asian influence for their dining room.

Rather than drawing from the stiff English formal dining area, an Asian-inspired one is a lot emptier, though each individual piece is placed with careful attention. It is this mixture that makes an Asian-inspired dining room an equally formal choice for anyone looking to decorate their house.

In order to preserve the function of the room, it's best to have a long table flanked with high backed chairs in the center of the space. Rather than keeping centerpieces or other adornments on the table when it's not in use, simply let its beauty speak for itself by leaving it bare.

You're also going to want to include a buffet or sideboard in the dining room, since this will be helpful as an extra surface in serving meals, as well as handy for storage of dishes and serving pieces. Asian-inspired furniture is typically free of any ornate detailing on the wood itself, but can be painted in a great variety of colors and styles. Pick one that appeals to you, and you will be off to a great start.

Finally, you can really further the East-meets-West feeling by including patterned silk drapes as your window treatments. Choose something that goes with the color pallet of the room and let it make a statement on your windows.

Choosing a specific style to emulate is often a great place to start for those who are at a loss for where to begin when decorating their home. But the beauty and strength of Asian-inspired furnishings can make your dining room really special.