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Consider orange window treatments in your bedroom this fall

A pattern as simple as horizontal striping can work wonders in the bedroom.

A pattern as simple as horizontal striping can work wonders in the bedroom.

We recently discussed the announcement from Pantone of next year's lineup of hot colors for fashions both on the runway and in the home. However, different areas of the house require unique considerations when it comes to choosing an overarching hue to set the mood. For example, you wouldn't want the same aesthetic in the kitchen as you would in the bedroom, since these areas of the house serve different functions entirely. 

While there have been numerous studies showing that certain colors are great for the bedroom because they promote sleep or project a more relaxing aura, fashion trends don't always overlap with academia when it comes to establishing an aesthetic. For example, in 2013, both Pantone and Benjamin Moore paints declared that specific shades of orange were all the rage when used in the bedroom, helping to add a little bit of "zest" to the area rather than tone it down for straight relaxation.

The perfect way to use this shade in the bedroom is to have it accent other themes. By using drapes that feature one of the popular shades for 2013 – Benjamin Moore recommends a peachy hue in the boudoir – you can spice up the look of the space without overwhelming it.

Incorporating a pattern into the design helps dilute the color somewhat as well, if you are apprehensive about incorporating such a bright tone into the bedroom. Horizontal white striping on an orange cotton curtain will break up the look and help ground the curtain, giving it a more casual look.