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Colors for 2014

Turquoise drapes are right on trend.

Turquoise drapes are right on trend.

We've already discussed the prevalence of purple in 2014, but Radiant Orchid isn't the only hue expected to be trendy this year. If you're looking for other colors to incorporate into your home, check out some of the top shades below.

  • Blue accents: Although purple may be the official color of the year according to color authority Pantone, royal blue still reigns. Shades of blue, including cobalt, navy and baby blue, are expected to make quite a splash in the home sector. Try selecting throw rugs and window coverings in this cool-toned color. Experiment with various shades and textures. 
  • Light colored furniture: Lighter, honey-toned woods including walnut, oak and cherry are right on trend in terms of furniture. If you're looking for a new table or chairs, stick to these paler hued options to brighten up your kitchen.
  • Turquoise tones: "It was everywhere at High Point this fall and we expect to see it a great deal in 2014," writes Elle Decor. "Perhaps this is the culmination of all the blues and greens we've been seeing in the past couple of years. Turquoise showed up in upholstery, wall coverings, and on furniture. And we're talking deep and saturated, not pale and wimpy." Stay on trend with your window fashions by adding turquoise curtains and drapes to your home design scheme. 

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