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Change out your shower curtain in favor of some decorative drapes

Get rid of your ugly plastic shower curtain and replace it with some fine fabric.

Get rid of your ugly plastic shower curtain and replace it with some fine fabric.

On this blog, we've often recommended creative uses for drapery in the home. Among our favorite solutions is that you replace your plastic shower curtain with some fabric window treatments. 

Some of the most beautifully decorated homes in the world seem to fall apart in the bathroom because it features a less-than lovely plastic shower curtain. Even the fabric ones that were designed for the bathroom can be somewhat short on style, since they tend to be made for utilitarian purposes, rather than with aesthetics in mind. 

Picking drapes to use as a shower curtain instead is somewhat easy. This simple process begins with picking out a color and patten that you want and ends with pairing the proper amount of panels with a shower curtain liner. For installation purposes, grommet drapes tend to work best, though it is possible to use any kind of window treatments for this purpose. 

Since spring is approaching, now is the perfect time to tackle your dingy old shower curtain. Rather than live with an eyesore for another year, take this curtain down and replace it with something from the wonderful Half Price Drapes selection of curtains and drapes as a part of your spring cleaning routine.

Since this accessory might not last as long as the others, you will likely want to find it at a discount. Right now, the March Madness sale is discounting some of the most attractive drapes on our website up to 70 percent. This is the ideal time to purchase drapes for any part of your house, but especially your bathroom. 

Don't live with a basic and unsightly shower curtain for a minute longer, purchase a new one today and be instantly happier in your home.