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Bring cotton curtains to your stuffy freshman dorm

The Deuville pattern is playful and sophisticated - perfect for a freshman dorm.

The Deuville pattern is playful and sophisticated - perfect for a freshman dorm.

We've previously discussed different ways to make your dorm come to life by utilizing window treatments that will promote a good night's sleep and hinder distractions from your studies. But, just like every undergrad, all dorm rooms are unique, and while heavy blackout drapes may be ideal for one person's college experience, you might not benefit from the weighty atmosphere a thick drape can create in this kind of space.

For some, the best environment to improve your studies is in a room where the atmosphere is light yet comfortable. This is why cotton or linen drapes are perfect for dorm rooms where the occupants need to bring as much levity to the space as possible. For instance, many freshman don't have the luxury of enjoying expansive dorm rooms like their upper-class counterparts. Instead, it's the new kids on campus who get the bottom of the barrel dorm spaces characterized by brick or cement walls, cold tile floors and windows with very limited sunlight or views.

Cotton drapery that is hung on high will make the window appear much more expansive, not to mention give the allusion of taller ceilings. Incorporate a fun pattern like that of the Deuville Printed Cotton Curtain and the room will instantly feel more inhabitable and study friendly.

A recent article on Boston.com recommends incorporating other plush amenities to make the space feel as homey as possible, like an abundance of pillows for your bed – which, in most cases for college students, is usually too firm – along with an array of colorful wall hangings since you likely won't be allowed to paint the space.