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A case for the color gray

Gray curtains can create a chic vibe in any room of your home.

Gray curtains can create a chic vibe in any room of your home.

Gray gets a bad reputation since individuals often associate the shade with dark clouds, aging hair and rainy days. However, if used correctly this hue can look both stylish and chic within the home. Take a look at some of the affordable ways you can incorporate this color into your décor.

  • Accessorize what you have: You don't necessarily have to redo your entire design scheme to make use of this trend. In fact, the great thing about the gray is that its neutrality lends itself to blend well with other colors. Some designers are even calling gray "the new beige." When adding gray to an already designed room, be sure to strategically select shades that go with your coexisting décor. "If you go into the cooler tones, there are shades of blue and lilac and lavender or as intense as eggplant that are gorgeous with gray," Washington D.C.-based designer Paul Corrie tells the Washington Post. "With a warmer direction, you can give it a touch of terra cotta or accents of yellow — not a mustard yellow, but just a soft yellow."
  • Incorporate a feminine touch: Gray doesn't necessarily have to be overpowering. The unisex hue is great if you want to add subtle style to any room in your home. For instance, gray throw pillows and drapes work great for a bedroom. If you want to add gray accents to a bathroom, stick with light gray hand towels. Try experimenting with various textures and materials when incorporating this hue in the home and be sure to browse Half Price Drapes' stylish selection of gray window coverings.