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Your drapery can make a converted space feel more like home

Drapery conceals doorways for a more finished look.

Drapery conceals doorways for a more finished look.

These days, space is at a premium in most homes, causing many homeowners to convert a garage or other utility space into a living area instead. When done correctly, these conversions can be extremely successful, with the converted area sometimes looking better than the house itself.

If you're planning on doing one of these full-scale renovations, it's best to speak with a professional, even if it's just to get ideas. It can be hard to take on projects that involve electricity and insulation without the help of someone who does that for a living, and you might end up with an expensive or dangerous mess.

Once you've figured out your plan, you will then be faced with the task of decorating the space. Since the furniture and design scheme that you choose will figure majorly into the feeling of the area, this is one of the most important parts of your renovation project.

If you're dealing with a converted garage or basement space, you're likely to have doors to contend with. Whether this used to be taken up by a back door or garage door, these spare exits won't do anything to make your room feel more like a part of the house.

It's best then to install sliding glass into your doorway, and use drapes to make it feel more like a grand window. Not only will this help to normalize the space, but you're not giving up an extra safety exit by closing it off. Choose something durable and attractive, like a patterned grommet drape.

If you treat this extra doorway like a window, you will benefit from the extra light in your converted space and still manage to make it feel like an original part of your house. Paying attention to the details is key when you're working with a conversion like this.