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Yes, you can use drapes as a shower curtain

Make your shower beautiful by using drapery instead of a shower curtain.

Make your shower beautiful by using drapery instead of a shower curtain.

Do you love the look of gorgeous grommet drapes so much that you wish they had a bigger presence in your home decor? Or possibly you're struggling to sort through the ugly world of plastic shower curtains and finding them rather uninspiring. Luckily, you have options beyond the bin of plastic partitions that you will find at a home design store.

The good news is, if you choose drapery that hangs on rings the same way a shower curtain does, there's nothing wrong with using your favorite style to dress up your shower.

You will, however, need to employ a good quality liner and regularly inspect your curtain for mold, since this was not its original intention, and you don't want it to cause problems.

But drapery can add a beautiful look to your bathroom, particularly if you choose to layer it. Think of picking a solid background curtain, and then using two panels of sheer drapes as accents on either side of your shower or tub.

Using drapes instead of your traditional shower curtain will grant you access to a much more extensive selection of colors and patterns than the ones that are accessible in the bath section of your local home decorating outlet.

This will enable you to have better control of the decor of your bathroom, and will help you to  make sure that this room is the ideal expression of your personal taste.

If you have ever found the selection of shower curtains to be, shall we say, less than inspiring, you can fearlessly choose your favorite window treatment as a substitute. As long as you have a liner, your bathroom will get nothing more than a stylish boost by doing this.