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Use drapery to create the closet of your dreams

Don't let your closet be messy, instead use drapes as a storage solution.

Don't let your closet be messy, instead use drapes as a storage solution.

Sure, we'd all like to have the kind of walk-in closet that can be seen on celebrity home tours. These dressing rooms serve not only as the ideal home for clothes, but also seem to work as a wonderful show room for them, displaying strappy sandals and ballgowns as you might find them in a store. But what about the rest of us?

For most people, it's a challenge just to find everything that's stored in the closet – a task that becomes even more difficult when you have to share this already cramped space with your significant other. But, rather than fighting for closet territory with your loved one, you can use drapery to easily separate the space.

This is going to require compromise on both of your parts, since it's possible that neither of you is going to be able to hang all of your clothes. But once you work out a system, you should be able to determine how much space each of you needs.

Then, you can hang something heavy like a velvet blackout drape as a partition to separate your space from your loved one's. After that, you won't have to fight over space anymore, since you will both have as much as you need.

Even if you're not sharing a closet, the drape method can be employed to very successfully separate areas of the space and keep it more organized.

Don't feel bad if your closet doesn't resemble the kind that comes in a mansion. Inexpensive tricks like using curtains and drapes as partitions can make your closet much more organized and help to keep it more organized when you're busy.