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Use drapery panels to create a tapestry wall

Make drapery into beautiful tapestry in your home.

It seems that every day, we're uncovering new and interesting home decor secrets that have to do with drapes. Anyone who regularly reads this blog knows that there is so much more to do with window treatments than just using them for privacy and decor. Rather, your curtains and drapes can be a major part of the way your house is decorated if you use them correctly. 

In modern-style dwellings, many homeowners prefer to use tapestry to add warmth and accessibility to the space. But, such items are often prohibitively expensive, or else can look more like something that you would find in the back of a van, instead of a classic decor element that can be found in beautiful homes. 

If you're struggling with the prospect of finding a tapestry that's large enough for your wall while still looking nice, try using drapes instead. All you need is a substantial rod, and a few coordinating – but not matching – panels of silk drapes. You can then arrange the panels on one rod, and weight them at the end so that they don't flutter outward when guests walk by. 

If you choose the right fabrics, this can look particularly impressive, reminiscent of a bygone era when all walls were decorated this way. Best of all, if you use the cheap drapes from our website, it's particularly cost-effective. 

Don't stop yourself from decorating creatively just because you have a limited budget. Rather, feel free to come up with your own version of your favorite styles in a more cost-effective way. The result will likely be very good, and you'll love that you were able to do it on your own.