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Use curtains to add privacy to the doorways of your house

Curtains and drapes can be used to cover glass doors for security, functionality or privacy.

In the interior of a home, doors with windows are a nice way of adding visual interest to your dwelling. These architectural details are often benefits to a house improving the open feeling and quality of the area by letting more light through, and not allowing doors to block the flow of the space. 

Of course, there is a practical drawback to having doors of this style in your house, since a closed door has much less of an impact when a window reveals the inside of the space anyway. Even if they’re just covering your coat closet, you may feel pressure to keep the interior of this space in better shape, since it will be in view of anyone who sets foot on your doorstep. 

To ease these worries, as well as make doorways more functional when they’re blocking bedrooms, you can conceal the gap with a curtain. Depending on the size of the window, it can be covered with a simple yet stylish valance or a set of drapes

Instead of simply looking for a window treatment to functionally cover the open space in your doorway, make sure that you choose one that you won’t tire of after a while. It’s also important to choose something that won’t show stains and dirt easily, since doors understandably come into contact with the elements quite a bit. This is a great time to make use of a beautiful patterned drape, which will look lovely on both sides of the door. 

But if you’re covering something like the doors in a closet, sheer drapes can be quite effective in concealing the mess while maintaining the open feeling that a glass door helps to create. Curtains and drapes are the simplest solution to a doorway with a window, and if you choose the right ones, they will enhance the overall look of the space.