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Use cotton drapes to create a canopy

White cotton drapes like this are ideal for this DIY project.

White cotton drapes like this are ideal for this DIY project.

It's summer, and the long, luxurious days of this season may inspire you to bring more relaxing decor into your home. After all, the hot weather can be enough for just about anyone to want to spend a few extra hours lounging in bed. Particularly as it heats up, sometimes lying down is the only way you can feel comfortable. 

What better way to make your bed feel like an oasis you might find on an exotic vacation than to add a beautiful cotton canopy? Nothing feels more exotic than a four-poster bed complete with drapes on every corner that can be closed to block out the harsh sun for an afternoon nap. Of course, in many cases, these are pricey, as you won't just have to buy the linens, but a bed that has been made for them as well. 

This is not your only option, however. Working with cheap drapes, you might just find a solution that gives your bed some definition for the summer without breaking the bank. With four sets of drapes, you can hang one from the ceiling corresponding with an edge of your bed. Then use tiebacks to gather the loose edges and hold them in place. 

If they're attached to the ceiling well enough, they should remain in place. The result will be a lovely summer bedroom that captures the breeze and reminds you of vacations to faraway lands. White cotton drapes are perfect for this and the project will help you save money in the long run.