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Use cotton drapes in a doorway for privacy

Drapes like this can make for an excellent privacy partition.

Drapes like this can make for an excellent privacy partition.

Many young people turn to roommates when it comes to finding a place to live. This makes a lot of sense for the young and unattached, as it allows them to share an apartment or house, thus splitting the bills and saving money in the long run. However, depending on the price of real estate in the city where you are looking to move, rents can be steep in an apartment even when it's shared. 

If you're still starting out, the prospect of moving into a two bedroom apartment with just one roommate may not be realistic, but bringing a third person into the mix can lower the price significantly. However, sharing a bedroom has its drawbacks, and most of us will avoid it if we can. This can lead to some odd sleeping arrangements, including having people sleep in what was meant to be a living room, dining room or office space. 

While certainly not ideal, sleeping in a room that originally had a different purpose can save a great deal of money, and it might be your only option for living in your desired city or neighborhood. In many cases, a space like this won't even have a door, which can make privacy a real challenge. 

However, you shouldn't give up your desire to live in the city you love just because of a lack of privacy. Instead, hang some cotton drapes as a stylish partition that provides you with enough privacy to have a space of your own. 

If these are installed correctly, they can be an interesting part of your decor. During the day, you can use tiebacks to keep them out of the way, and at night, simply close the drapes and enjoy your personal space. A simple solution like this one can make living in a shared space much more bearable.