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Unite the disparate looks in your home with drapery

Spaces that are not unified can look cluttered and messy. Clean them up with your drapery.

Spaces that are not unified can look cluttered and messy. Clean them up with your drapery.

One popular strategy for people who are decorating their home for the first time is to take a room by room approach. This can be less overwhelming than jumping headfirst into a decorating project for the entire house, and can be done in installments rather than all at once.

But occasionally, it seems like the rooms you decorated first don't match the style conveyed in the ones you designed later, and it could feel like your house doesn't go with itself.

But if this happens to you, don't feel as if you have to launch back into a redecorating project right after you've finished one. There are a few other options that can serve to unify the look of interconnected spaces in your home.

If your different-looking rooms have even just one element in common, they will start to look more cohesive. One great way to go about this is to change your window treatments. Simply Pick a color or texture that will work in each of your rooms. In order to make this work, it's probably best if you decide to go with a neutral. Something simple like a linen drape will look nice in rooms that are next to each other, and this simple design gesture can help to unite the look of the space.

If your color scheme is such that you can't find one hue in your drapes that would work for every space, you can still make these different rooms go together. Pick the same style of window treatment, and your whole house can feel more cohesive. You will have to think about what style of drape works in every space, but a valance or Roman shade will look great anywhere.

Don't think that you have to start over if the design of your home doesn't all go together. Simply choosing the same window treatments will help to make the space fit together better.