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Turn a nook in your home into Santa’s workshop

Make your own wrapping station with velvet blackout drapes.

Make your own wrapping station with velvet blackout drapes.

The holiday season is officially here, which means that most of us are busy running out to make sure that we have something for everyone on our Christmas list, attending seasonal parties and spending time with our family. One thing that often gets left to the last minute is your gift-wrapping.

Nobody likes to be trapped wrapping their presents on Christmas Eve, and leaving unwrapped gifts around the house could spoil the surprise, especially if you have small children.

Rather than wait until the last minute, carve out a part of your home for yourself, and make it your very own Santa's workshop. Your furniture doesn't have to be fancy – a folding table will be just fine – but this will give you space to drop your presents as you come in the door, as well as a private place to do your wrapping.

You can lay out all of your wrapping paper, gift tags and ribbon on the table so that you won't have to go looking for them when you sit down with a gift. Make sure you keep tape and scissors in here too.

It is possible to do this even if your house is crowded and you don't have a spare room available. Simply section off a corner of an area that doesn't get used every day like the dining room with something heavy like velvet blackout drapes. This will give you the space to wrap as you need to, and is easy to take down once your wrapping is finished.

This year, make tricky tasks like Christmas wrapping a snap by giving yourself the room to do them. A simple solution like this one only takes a few minutes to do and will be useful for the entirety of the season.