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Trend alert: Ombre styles

The ombre trend is very popular in home design.

The ombre trend is very popular in home design.

You may have heard of the ombre trend—a subtle color gradation—when it's applied to your hair. However, in addition to giving you a celebrity-worthy mane, this style is also taking the interior design industry by storm.

The great thing about this motif is that you can easily create DIY versions. Simply choose your favorite color and then vary the shades to incorporate both light and dark hues.

"My favorite type of ombre look is the blue hued variety. They are so cool and fun," writes Melanie Blodgett, a blogger for babble.com. "But the absolute best part (in my humble opinion) about ombre is that it reminds me a lot of watercolor. And really, who isn't head over heels in love with watercolor these days?"

For more tips on how to achieve the look, follow our helpful guidelines:

  • Funky furniture: Are you looking for a way to repurpose old furniture? Look no further than the ombre trend! If you have a dresser drawer that is literally on it's last leg, a few fresh coats of paint can spruce it up. Paint the bottom drawer a deep magenta and continue going lighter (rose, light blush) until you get to the top. This DIY project will look great in your daughter's room.
  • Watercolor-inspired window fashions: Even curtains and drapes can be enhance with DIY methods. Simply select a plain white fabric and dip-dye it for a trendy ombre look. The color choice is up to you!

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