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Tips to decorate your bachelor pad

Blue drapes are masculine and mature.

Blue drapes are masculine and mature.

You're not in college anymore, which means your living space should exude a more mature vibe than your days spent on campus. Many twenty and thirty somethings have trouble transitioning their home or apartment into a "grownup" area, but this milestone is essential in any man or woman's life.

"The three most important things to consider when designing your bachelor pad: organization, modern design trends, and personality," writes Alessandra Wood on the Huffington Post. "Your bachelor pad should make you feel comfortable and at home but also be a space where you're proud to entertain guests."

If you're looking to redesign your pad but don't know where to start take a look at some helpful tips:

  • Purchase quality furniture: Futons are great if you're a college student. Although you may wish you were still living at the frat house, those days are long gone. Sturdy pieces of furniture will last you a long time and because they don't need to be replaced every year, you'll actually save money in the long run. Plus, you're going to need adequate seating when you invite your buddies over to play video games and drink a few beers after work. 
  • Show off your personality: Just because you're a young professional doesn't mean you have to completely abandon your college persona. However, now it's time to showoff your likes in a trendy, mature way. For instance, if you were in a band in college show off your musical tastes with cover art from your favorite albums. 

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