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Tips for painting with bold colors in your home

Here are a few tips for using bold colors in your home.

When it comes to decorating your home, it can often be tempting to opt for colors that are neutral and do not stand out too much, instead going for a pop of color with pillows or other furniture accessories. If you are the type of person who wants to make their house stand out and give it a unique personality, giving your walls a makeover is a great place to start. Even colors like orange can be incorporated into your decor, as long as it is done carefully and tastefully.

"It's a game of balance," interior designer Brian Patrick Flynn tells The Telegraph. "Once you get that right, just about any color can be spectacular."

Here are a few tips for incorporating a bold color in your design scheme:

  • Adjust the shade: If you are absolutely in love with a color, it is often best to go one or two shades lighter than what you had originally envisioned. The reason for this is that the color will become too saturated to live with in the long-term and overpower a room. Interesting colors are good, but you do not want to regret your choice.
  • Create an accent wall: Instead of having an entire room the same color or shade of that hue, you could instead limit it to one or two walls as an accent design. This will actually help the bold color stand out even more from the rest of the space without taking over the entire atmosphere.
  • Limit the colors: In each room, there should only be one main color that is the center of attention. You do not want to have too many shades fighting and clashing with each other in your living room or bathroom. One hue will be enough to build a room around.

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