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Tips for couples designing a home together

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If you are planning on moving in with your significant other, one of the first steps that you will take together is decorating your new shared space. More than likely, you will both have different styles and tastes, meaning that compromises will be necessary in order to create a home that makes you both happy. In order to make it through this process without fighting, there are certain steps that you can take in order to make everything go as smoothly as possible.

Here are a few decorating tips for couples who just moved in together:

  • Check out the trends: If you are stumped as to how you should decorate a room, be sure to incorporate the internet and advice of friends into your design scheme. Find out what other people are doing and what is popular in the world of home decor if you are struggling to make a decision.
  • Focus on a room's function: You and your partner should talk about what you expect each room to be used for. Knowing what you want each room to do – such as wanting a reading room, a space set aside for television – will help guide the overall design. A space that fits the needs of both of you is always the intended goal.
  • Know your deal breakers: Before you even begin the process, you need to know what you absolutely will and won't compromise on. There are some items – family heirlooms, for example – that you will want included in your home no matter what. Knowing what you will fight for will help you choose your battles and lay the frame for your design.

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