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The best colors for your living room walls

Here are a few popular colors for a living room interior design.

Here are a few popular colors for a living room interior design.

If you are redecorating your home's interior – or are moving into an entirely new space – you are going to have to decide what each individual room is going to look like. This can be an especially challenging task for the living room, as in most houses this is the space where friends and families will gather to spend time with each other. The living room is quite often the focal point of the entire household, which makes how you decorate it very important. Don't be intimidated by the work you have ahead of you!

Here are a few popular colors for living room walls:

  • Blue: "Blue is a color that works well with many styles of furniture, from traditional to modern," says Andrea Magno, color and design expert for Benjamin Moore. Blue is an enduring favorite for living room walls because it evokes a sense of calm and order, making for the perfect space to spend time and relax.
  • Red: "Red is one of the most powerful colors," interior designer Kristine Robinson tells Zillow.com "It adds energy and life to a living room." Because this color can often be so overpowering, Robinson suggests that it should be limited to just one accent wall – just enough to create that sense of pop to the space.
  • White: This is a classic color that can easily fit in with any design scheme you want to implement in your house. This hue is especially good for rooms that do not have a lot of natural light, as it is highly reflective and can actually make the room seem brighter than it actually is.

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