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Set a backdrop for the Christmas greenery on your front door

Get your house ready for the man in the big red suit.

Get your house ready for the man in the big red suit.

Even though Christmas is fast approaching, it's not too late to decorate your house as a way to get into the holiday spirit. Whether you have yet to do any decorating, or your house is so decked out in lights that it could be seen from space, adding holiday greenery to your doorway is a nice way to show your Christmas spirit.

Christmas greens are one of the oldest decorations associated with this holiday, since they can even be found during the winter when most other plants are taking a season off. Not only do wreaths and garlands help to show that you're excited for the coming holiday, but they will also serve to further beautify and draw attention to your house.

The best doorway decorations are the ones that make use of the surrounding space, as well as the doorway itself. But if you're looking to make your Christmas door decor even more impressive, think of incorporating other colors with drapery.

Drapes are ideal for covering your existing door because of their length and ability to be pushed aside if necessary. You can draw extra attention to your spirited display by hanging a sheer gold curtain as a backdrop behind your greenery. If hung properly, the entryway can still be used, but your decorations will be so much more noticeable from afar.

Red linen drapes can also be used as a backdrop if you're looking to use the classic red and green as Christmas colors. Best of all, this kind of a decoration won't damage your door or porch, and is easily taken down.

Think of using drapes as the background for your quick but beautiful doorway decorations.